X-sighting Show




Find out how we will have everyone at your next event holding their hands up in X-Sightment to participate!


David Danzig & Joe Swicklik provide a unique experience for audiences that have become bored with traditional event entertainment.  They never fail to create an aura of wonder and mystery that leaves everyone feeling like they have been part of something very special.  After each performance, organizers comment on how the X-Sighting Show was the topic of attendee conversation for weeks afterward.

I would recommend this show to any group looking for entertainment.  This show is so amazing that words cannot describe it.  Would be great entertainment to break up an all day seminar or conference.
Karen Benassi(Administrative Assistant – Mayo Clinic)


The crowd loved you!  After watching three shows, I have not the slightest idea how you do it!  I greatly appreciated your flexibility.
Pamela K. Mickelson (Human Resources)


I thought the X-Sighting Show was engaging and very entertaining for the audience.  The audience especially liked to participate in holding up their possessions. Not to mention having their previously broken bones correctly identified!  If you want a superior and exceptional show, I would recommend the X-Sighting Show.
Penny Lambl

For more information and booking please visit – XsightingShow.com