Family Magic and Birthday Party Magic Show Testimonials

I loved it! Some of Zach and Steph’s friends described it as awesome. The tricks were perfect for the age group and you really had their attention. All those little eyes were glued to your presentation.Raiden now says he wants the same kind of party that Kaleb had.

–Ringoen, Caryn (mom) and Child

Age appropriate fun! I still don’t know how you did your tricks! Involved all the kids in the show and they loved to participate. You kept 12 7year olds mesmerized for and hour – no small feat…I will definitely recommend you! Great job! “Coolest birthday party ever!”

–Dr. Laura Toddies and child

Joe Swicklik (Not Your Average JOE) personally did a fabulous birthday party for my son Evan. I had 4 birthday parties in one week for my 4 children. Joe’s act was by far the best and most relaxing. My husband and I were able to just sit, relax and enjoy the show along with the kids. Several of my friends have used him for parties and his reputation of being professional and entertaining for both kids and adults precedes him. Just sit back and enjoy the show, you will not be disappointe.

–Marisa Thorpe (Mom) – Birthday Party Rochester Mn

They loved the trick with the radio on the paper. The kids practically followed Joe out the door and out to his car wanting him to do another trick.Lydia asked if we could have you back for her birthday next year! You were a hit!

— Jill Burmeister (mom) and Child -Birthday Party Rochester Mn

Just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed your magic show. It was amazing! Sam and the boys loved it! Sam’s sister thought it was great as well. She said she wanted you for her party.

–Tracy Haefner (mom) and Children


Close Up Magic Corporate and Private

Not Your Average Magic was a great addition to our event! The magic performance engaged attendees and created interaction between people who did not know one another. Attendees very much enjoyed the performance, as the laughter, oohs, and aahs were heard throughout the event space!

— Sara Blouin CME Specialist Department of Radiology

The entertainment value was outstanding. Joe was able to engage a diverse group of attendees to our conference and was able to get them talking with each other and enjoying the show. The attendees stayed longer, interacted more with each other, and seemed significantly happier than previous years when we did not have Joe.

–Dr. David Levin

The party that Joe preformed at was a neighbor gathering with only adults in attendance. From the time he walked in the door till the time he left he was putting smiles and the look of awe on peoples faces. He walked amongst our guests making it easy for everyone to laugh, and he could flow with any conversation that came his way. He even showed some of us how to do one of his basic tricks, which was very fun.

— Fred Knudsvig


Table Side Magic in Rochester Mn – Broadway Pizza

Visit was very enjoyable. The MAGIC was AMAZING! The server was very kind and always smiling. The Host was very friendly.”
Visit was very enjoyable. The MAGIC was AMAZING! The server was very kind and always smiling. The Host was very friendly
Thanks for such a great show! Not Your Average JOE was awesome!
We really liked the magician Not Your Average JOE. He is a great addition and make Broadway Pizza family friendly.
Not Your Average JOE the magician is AWESOME!!! This is the most fascinating treat ever!!
The magic was Amazing! Very Good! Not Your Average JOE is now a favorite.
Have Not Your Average JOE here all the time. The kids LOVE watching him perform his magic!


The X-sighting Show

The crowd loved you! After watching three shows, I have not the slightest idea how you do it! I greatly appreciated your flexibility.

–Pamela K. Mickelson (Human Resources)

I would recommend this show to any group looking for entertainment. This show is so amazing that words cannot describe it. Would be great entertainment to break up an all day seminar or conference.

–Karen Benassi (Administrative Assistant – Mayo Clinic)

The show was AWESOME!!! I cannot tell you how great it was, and how stumped I still am. I would recommend seeing The X-Sighting Show to anyone!

–Lesley Riess

I thought the X-Sighting Show was engaging and very entertaining for the audience. The audience especially liked to participate in holding up their possessions. Not to mention having their previously broken bones correctly identified! If you want a superior and exceptional show, I would recommend the X-Sighting Show.

–Penny Lambl

I loved the X-Sighting show! The show was very exciting and something everyone of all ages can get into. I just have one question…how did you….? Heidi Tweten
The X-Sighting Show was amazing, the audience was totally mesmerized by it. I would see it again!!

–Laurie Tiedeman

I couldn’t believe how the show kept the attention of every single audience member! The show allowed everyone in the audience to participate in the presentation. I saw a lot of “dropped jaws” during this show and especially during the X-ray thing. I still can’t begin to think of how you managed to pull off the X-ray reading. Even the children loved you! I would recommend The X-Sighting Show for any gathering.

–Kristin Hickey